Swisstech is first and foremost added value. Cutting edge technology embedded in products and services which make our daily life smarter, more sustainable and efficient and at the same time empower industry and other market stakeholders with new sets of applications.


Switzerland is not only one of the world’s most innovative research nations, but also one of the most competitive. For years, Switzerland has topped the major international rankings for innovation. What are the secrets behind this success?​



  •  Intensive investments in R&D (3% of GDP), 60% of which coming from the private sector. 

  • Presence of world renowned technical schools and universities (i.e. ETH Zurich, EPFL) providing the market with a constant flow of highly skilled workforce, technologies and spinoff companies.

  • A solid startup ecosystem with more than 300 startups founded every year.  

  • Concentration of a large number of multinational innovation driven companies (i.e. Novartis, Roche, Google, IBM …).

  • Export oriented and international environment; given the relative small size of the internal market Swiss companies are born global.

  • A straightforward dialogue and collaboration between all market economy’s stakeholders (regulators, private sector, academia), which allows companies to pilot in future oriented technology markets.